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Tesamorelin 2 mg


Tesamorelin 2 mg – Tesamorelin 2mg (1 vial)

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Tesamorelin 2 mg – Tesamorelin 2mg KIT (10 vials)

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Tesamorelin (Egrifta) is a synthetic form of growth-hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH) which is used in the treatment of HIV-associated lipodystrophy, approved initially in 2010. A synthetic peptide, it consists of all 44 amino acids of human GHRH added with a trans-3-hexenoic acid group.

It is a synthetic analogue of growth hormone-releasing factor (GHRF). Tesamorelin promotes growth hormone (GH) production and secretion, assisting in the regulation of glucose and lipid metabolism and body composition.

Other Names: TH950, INN, Egrifta, Tesa

Concentration: 2 mg (1 vial)

Top Color: Blue

Shelf Life: 36 months

Minimum Order: 1 vial

NOTE: In some cases wherein the assigned top colors are out of stock, a different top color will be used to ensure that your order will not be delayed.
Should you need assistance identifying the Peptide vial that you received, please send us an email at [email protected] or by chatting with us.

Peptides are stable at room temperature and can be kept in their initial packaging for several days to weeks. Otherwise, peptides can be stored at 4 °C or colder. To preserve product quality, keep away from intense light.

Peptides shouldn’t be shaken before or after reconstitution, must be refrigerated, and always handled with care.

Tesamorelin 2 mg should be reconstituted with bacteriostatic water (BAC).

You can purchase BAC water here:
BAC 10ml 
BAC 20ml 

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All of our products are lab tested and the results are periodically published on the website.

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