Before we offer you the payment solutions we provide let us explain why we don’t offer Paypal. Amazon pay or Stripe (direct payments with credit/debit cards). None of these companies accept “Research Chemicals” as a product category. You might have seen other companies using them. However, they are doing so without permission from these companies. Therefore they are breaking their TOS, which will result in a closure of their and perhaps your account too, with those companies. 

For the best shopping experience, we highly recommend BTC as a payment method on These are the fastest and free of charge transactions available worldwide.  We also offer -20% on these payments. Ones you understand how Bitcoin works and what it stands for, you will wanna use it for everything. It’s the only money that is truly yours!


  1. Bitcoin: For all customers get no bank fees. Most recommended.

     2. E-check/Zelle: For USA customers. Use your online Bank account to make the payment.  This payment option is also for SEPA payments.