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Before we offer you the payment solutions we provide let us explain why we don’t offer Paypal. Amazon pay or Stripe (direct payments with credit/debit cards). None of these companies accept “Research Chemicals” as a product category. You might have seen other companies using them. However, they are doing so without permission from these companies. Therefore they are breaking their TOS, which will result in a closure of their and perhaps your account too, with those companies. 

For the best shopping experience, we highly recommend BTC as a payment method on These are the fastest and free-of-charge transactions available worldwide. Once you understand how Bitcoin works and what it stands for, you will wanna use it for everything. It’s the only money that is truly yours!




For all customers get no bank fees. Most recommended.


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VISA/MasterCard ONLY with 5% convenience fees.

  • PREPAID DEBIT CARDS WILL NOT WORK, please use a regular bank card.
  • A verification process will be required for one time only for new customers.



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