If you have made the purchase using Zelle follow these steps  to complete your order:

  1. Log in to the e-mail you’ve provided during checkout
  2. Look for an e-mail from HowToPay( [email protected]) as a subject “Payment Request Details “. Check your spam too if you don’t see it in your inbox. Open the e-mail
  3. Log into your online banking account choose Zelle payments, fill out the details according to the e-mail instructions. If you are using Zelle for the first time you have to enroll in the program first.
    Do not use Zelle App, use your online banking app instead (or open your online banking account in your browser).

Possible issues when using Zelle:

Zelle Payment Asking For Payment Details

  1. Create a Contact on your Mobile Phone using these Details. PLEASE CHECK NOTES:
First Name: Sports Equality
Last Name: Campaign LLC
Email: [email protected]
Phone:  (870) 533-5581
Zip Code:  33305 (If needed)
  1. Then send via Online Bank and choose business AND INSTEAD of just adding a contact from Online Bank, choose the created contact, then send payment as a Business, and make sure to add the memo/reference number on the payment details.


  1. Details may change so please base it on Payment Request Details Email so please check it first.
  2. If you skipped adding a contact you will get an error of Contact not being a verified Zelle Account.

Zelle Transaction Limits
The limit on a transaction value is set by your bank. This is not something that we have control of. Please contact your bank to increase the allowed amount.

Zelle Transactions from the Zelle App
Unfortunately Zelle app does not allow business payments when a debit card is connected. The zelle app was designed for person to person payments and not person to business payments.

Zelle will only work to businesses when the customer processes the Zelle payment directly from their bank account.


If you still have trouble completing the order contact us on our live chat (the purple square below) or on [email protected].

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If you need more help about paying by Online Bank Transfer thru Zelle, please Contact Us through live chat or call us at 870-533-5581
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