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PT-141 (Bremenalotide) 10 mg (1 vial)

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Order will ship on January 24, 2023


  • Chemical Formula: C50H68N14O10
  • Molecular Mass: 1025.2
  • Synonyms: Bremelanotide, Vyleesi, CHEMBL2070241
  • CAS Number: 189691-06-3
  • PubChem: 9941379
  • Total Amount of the Active Ingredient: 10 mg (1 vial)
  • Shelf Life: 36 months


  • PT-141 is a peptide synthetically derived from alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone, vital in protecting the skin from UV rays, developing skin pigmentation, controlling appetite, and supporting sexual functions. It is indicated in female hypoactive sexual desire disorder.

Product Quality

All of our products are lab tested and the results are occasionally published on the website.

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All of our products are lab tested and the results are periodically published on the website.


Peer-Reviewed Studies 

Kingsberg, S. A., Clayton, A. H., Portman, D., Williams, L. A., Krop, J., Jordan, R., ... & Simon, J. A. (2019). Obstetrics and gynecology, 134(5), 899.

Diamond, L. E., Earle, D. C., Heiman, J. R., Rosen, R. C., Perelman, M. A., & Harning, R. (2006). The journal of sexual medicine, 3(4), 628-638.

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Roger N.
I recommend this product

Love the product

Great service and easy process

James S.

Fantastic customer service

"Fantastic customer service. Shellica, researched my concerns and was able to resolve my issue with the most professionalism one could ask. Thank you"

Sean P.

Overall I am very satisfied with Swiss Chems products and services.

Overall I am very satisfied with Swiss Chems products and services. My order took several weeks to complete in 2 seperate shipments so they are not the most expedient company but it does state that shipments can take awhile on their website. I reached out to their customer service which did a decent job of informing me on what was going on with my shipment as I was confused about why my products took awhile to arrive. If they explained that it took awhile for the products to get here and why on their website, they may not do as well in sales but every customer would feel more comfortable with the waiting period; regardless they came through with the products I ordered. It's important to keep in mind that some of these compounds are very difficult to get ahold of and they have to ship some of them from China. I'm unsure of why they do not advertise this fact for transparency but they will not state the products origin, seemingly intentionally. Knowing that these peptides come from China actually gives me piece of mind because I know they are manufactured in a government approved facility and because I know the US will not license facilities here to manufacture them for sale in this country. Lastly, I want to applaud their customer service for compensating the extra wait time by including an extra vial of BPC-157. I very grateful for this. I ordered BPC-157, hCG, and PT-141. The most impressive thing in the order was the PT-141. It is very difficult to find a vendor offering quality PT-141 and I can say that this batch was very good! The BPC-157 was of good quality, though that may be subjective and it's hard to tell. I was very happy with both of these products but the PT-141 my favorite. The only disappointment was with the hCG. I have a lot of experience working with hCG and have reconstituted it many many times before. It was difficult to measure the hCG out as it only came in a 2-3ml vile. The standard for reconstituting hCG is 1ml per 1000iu but it was impossible to do in a vial that held much less than that so I had to refigure the numbers to get the exact measurement right. After reconstituting the vial I diluted 1000iu to the standard amount that would be found detectable in human urine and applied it to a pregnancy test and see if it was real via a positive result. The result was negative so I applied another 1000iu diluted by much less to a seperate pregnancy test but the result was the same. I eventually applied 1000iu undiluted to a 3rd pregnancy test but only had a slight positive result which faded very shortly after the waiting period lapsed. The vial may have contained hCG but if there was any, it was very little or completely damaged by the time I received it. If the hCG had tested positive I would be giving Swiss Chems 5 stars. Overall my experience was good but not great due to the defunct hCG. Keeping in mind that these compounds are very difficult to make and get in the US I feel they deserve 4/5 vs 2/5 stars. I will be ordering again but I won't be purchasing the hCG.


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