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Healing Research

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1 × BPC-157 5mg (1vial)

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1 × TB-500 5mg (1vial)

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TB-500 is a naturally-occurring peptide that plays a vital role in cell reproduction, division, and specialization. It has the highest concentration of platelets and white blood cells, which are involved in cell protection and injury repair.

It is known for its function in angiogenesis, or the formation of new blood vessels from existing ones, a process crucial for growth, development, and repair. 

Studies on TB-500 peptide have shown its strong potential as an anti-inflammatory, anti-fibrotic, and in wound healing through angiogenesis.

Applied topically, it has been successful in treating eye and skin injuries. Its hair-growing property has also been observed. Hair grows thicker, darker, and denser with the application of TB-500 on the scalp every other day.

TB-500 may be utilized in capsule, nasal spray, or injectable forms.

BPC 157 is a synthetic peptide derived from a naturally occurring protein in the human stomach consisting of 15 amino acids.

It is known for its regenerative effects and has been shown to accelerate the healing process. It has several protective abilities for the stomach and intestinal tracts, such as healing stomach ulcers and intestinal damage like inflammation and fistulas.

However, it has benefits to go beyond the digestive system. BPC-157 was found to heal bones and joint damages, as well as organs. It also boosts bone growth rate.

BPC-157 may be administered in a capsule, injectable, or nasal spray form.

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Shelf Life: 36 months

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