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    Original innovator of injectable SARMS, NANO SARMS, Sublingual SARMS, injectable CBD, and many more…
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Swiss Chems Piracetam capsules

Piracetam, 48 grams (800 mg/60 capsules)


354 in stock

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Swiss Chems 9-Me-BC capsules

9-Me-BC (9mbc), 900 mg (15 mg/60 capsules)


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Swiss Chems Bromantane capsules 1500 mg

Bromantane, 1500 mg (25 mg/60 capsules)


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Swiss Chems Dihexa capsules 300 mg

Dihexa, 300 mg (5 mg/60 capsules)


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Swis Chems Noopept 900 mg

Noopept (Omberacetam), 1800 mg (30 mg/60 capsules)


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Swiss Chems NSI-189 Phosphate 1200 mg

NSI-189 Phosphate, 1200 mg (20 mg/60 capsules)


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Swiss Chems Phenibut HCL 15 grams

Phenibut HCL, 15 grams (250 mg/60 capsules)


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NSI-189 Phosphate front label 1g

NSI-189 Phosphate - Powder, 1 gram


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NSI-189 Free Base front label 1 gram

NSI-189 Free Base - Powder, 1 gram


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Dihexa front label 500mg

Dihexa - Powder, 500mg


602 in stock

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Sunifiram front label 10 grams

Sunifiram - powder, 10 grams


40 in stock

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Noopept (Omberacetam) front label 10g

Noopept (Omberacetam) - Powder, 10 grams


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PQQ Disodium front label 1g

PQQ Disodium - Powder, 1 gram


45 in stock

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Bromantane front label 5g

Bromantane - Powder, 5 grams


380 in stock

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Phenibut Free Acid front label 50g

Phenibut Free Amino Acid - Powder, 50 grams


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Phenibut HCL front label 50g

Phenibut HCL - Powder, 50 grams


22 in stock

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  • “Quality is always the best. I’ve trusted Swiss Chems for years now. Used a lot of their products and they are really good. Everything seems to be accurately dosed and real pure.”
    Harley Hutchings
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    Travis Young
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    Robert Boyd
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