Bitcoin is a digital currency that is straightforward to set up and simple to use. Once you’ve successfully made one bitcoin payment you should find it simple and easy to repeat the process.
  1. BITCOIN VALUE IS VOLATILE YET It is the most value for your money, to purchase anything online because you do not need to pay extra bank fees, and won’t suffer from currency loss due to the fact you only need to buy the exact USD amount to buy products, where your discounts count the most.
  2. BITCOIN EXCHANGES ARE NOT ALL CREATED EQUAL – some are good for shopping, some for trading. If you must send us transactions from your BTC Exchange like Coinbase, Binance, Gemini, etc. are best used for Bitcoin Day Trading and NOT FOR BUYING online, best to use a soft wallet like Exodus, etc. if you have Coinbase or other trading exchanges to purchase online.
  3. BEST TO SEND the transaction after the 15-minutes from order creation, so as not to cause additional payments due to currency fluctuations as BTC currency has high fluctuations in its value, minute by minute.
  4. DO NOT BUY Bitcoin via Paypal. You will not be able to withdraw it to your Bitcoin wallet and shop with it on our website or any other website that does not support Paypal. Instead, buy Bitcoin on an exchange and move it to your own Bitcoin wallet.
  5. Once your order is expired after the 60-minute time limit, make sure to CREATE A NEW ORDER instead.


We recommend Cashapp for US and Bitstamp for Europe since they accept all major credit cards, then transferring those bitcoins over to a Wallet App, which we suggest you use Exodus since its the most user-friendly, and most secure of all digital wallets.
You will have to give personal information to prove your identity, and link to your bank account/debit card to have your account verified which can take 2- 7 days.
Depending on your country and payment method you can find other options on BuyBitcoinWorldwide.
How to buy with Bitcoin 1
The BEST Bitcoin provide to use for shopping online. Very fast ID approval (Driver’s License a must) within less than a few minutes.
FIRST TIME USERS – To get started on Cashapp, see:
  • To Register Just download on your Google Playstore / Apple Appstore or go to  on your desktop browser
  • Go to the Investing Tab and Buy Bitcoin to the amount of your order add 2 USD for the network fees.
  • When prompted scan ID (driver’s license front and back) for the usual Financial Account KYC process. For more info see here Buy Bitcoin using Cashapp 
  • Make sure to copy and not scan the alphanumeric wallet address seen below on the sample order.
How to buy with Bitcoin 2
  • Go back to your Cashapp and click/tap the BTC currency and withdraw your payment to the assigned wallet address
  • Just wait for the order to process while waiting for the blockchain to get verified by the network
  • To further confirm of transmission of payment check this site and paste the assigned wallet for that payment on 

How to buy with Bitcoin 3 

How to buy with Bitcoin 4
To get started on Bitstamp, see:

Using Local Bitcoins

Local Bitcoins is safe and secure and generally has less restrictions on the amount of Bitcoin you can buy as well as the verification process.
To get started on Local Bitcoins, see:
Follow the step by step guide to first setting up your account (including your bitcoin wallet), and then purchasing bitcoins from others in your area via cash, cash deposit, Western Union transfer, Money Bookers, Skrill etc.
When you have Bitcoins in your wallet, you are ready to make a purchase!
  • Rather than using account numbers or email addresses to direct your payment, sending money via your wallet is as simple as Converting Units from USD to BTC and then entering this amount and the recipient’s address in the send form of your wallet or exchange account.
  • When you checkout we will provide you a unique bitcoin payment address that looks like this: 18bTt63wnK1G2P8mahJgmYpy9ZZw1VE3LG (sample only do not send to his address) and calculate the amount bitcoin due. On receipt we will mark your order as processing and prepare it for shipment.
  • If you want to pay by scanning a QR code, you would have to order using your laptop/computer/tablet/ OR even another phone then scanning payment with your mobile wallet. 
  • The Bitcoin payment is valid for only 60 minutes. This is due to the exchange rate between Bitcoin and whichever fiat currency the product is valued in. If the Bitcoin transaction is not confirmed within this time frame, the payment will still go through but will appear on our dashboard as expired.
  • As a customer, you will always be able to see the payment status and whether it has been successfully processed or not.
  • If you happen to have any questions related to the product, delivery, etc. after making a payment, please contact us at [email protected].
If you need more help about paying by Bitcoin, please Contact Us through live chat or call us at 870-533-5581