Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) program

Many of you have been asking us what Hormone/Testosterone replacement therapy (HRT) do we recommend.

We have been using and recommending Royal Men’s Medical Center (RMMC) programs for years now and it has been the best value for the money we’ve ever seen by far.

We are pleased to announce that we can offer an even better deal now with RMMC.

When you fill out the web inquiry form or the medical history form, you want to mention “SCH” promo code, which can be done in the “referred by” field. This deal will grant you 45 USD discount for the first 6 months (excluding the 1st month) On their already very affordable 195 USD monthly program of full hormone therapy including all labs, physicals and medication. So you will be getting a complete HRT program for only 150 USD a month for 5 months, saving 225 USD. 

Sing up now at: www.rmmcenter.com, don’t forget to use code “SCH” to be eligible for the discount.